Mr. Hari S. Khatri image

Mr. Hari S. Khatri

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Ms. Amrita K. Marikhu image

Ms. Amrita K. Marikhu

M.D. / Senior Counselor
Mr. Shyam Bahadur Silwal image

Mr. Shyam Bahadur Silwal

CFO (Chief Finance Officer)
Mr. Bishal Shah image

Mr. Bishal Shah

Academic Counselor
Ms. Namrata Yadav image

Ms. Namrata Yadav

Ms. Aliza Singh Khadka image

Ms. Aliza Singh Khadka

Academic Counselor
Ms. Sapana image

Ms. Sapana

Academic Counselor
Mr. Chinta Mani Lamichhane image

Mr. Chinta Mani Lamichhane

Academic Counselor
Mr. Roshan Khatri image

Mr. Roshan Khatri

Sr. Documentation Incharge
Mr. Jiwan Marikhu image

Mr. Jiwan Marikhu

Marketing Coordinator
Ms. Rojina Khayargoli image

Ms. Rojina Khayargoli

Ms. Anshu Neupane image

Ms. Anshu Neupane

Ms. Shruti Niraula image

Ms. Shruti Niraula

Admission Officer

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