Applying to colleges abroad is a hectic process in itself. Students go through a long process of essay writing, document submission, visa application, etc. However, the more hectic part comes after the acceptance from Universities. Students, all prepare themselves to go abroad for 3-5 years of college life. There are various factors that come under consideration to determine whether or not their time in the foreign land is fruitful and progressive in terms of their academic and personal growth. Therefore, it is important to choose the right country to apply to.

Here is a perspective of why Canada can be the right country for you to live and study during your Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs,

The country whose flag literally has maple on it has a lot more to offer than tasty maple syrup topping on our favorite pancakes. When it comes to moving to a foreign nation, it is important that we learn about the environment of that place. A polluted city can harm your life to great extent, especially if you are a student. Taking transportation easily to school every day, going out for field studies, or just taking a walk on the roads during your break is really important for helping you focus on your studies mentally. For a breath of truly fresh air, look no further: Thanks to its low population density and huge expanses of forested land, the air quality in Canada is second only to Iceland’s.

What about your classmates? Or your teachers? Or the receptionist in the cafe at your college gate? Having a friendly group of people around you or in your daily life is a significant factor for good mental health. The people of Canada under a study were found to be much gentle and non-judgemental with their words. Even the tweets made by the Canadians are way less offensive than what the world does. Safe mentality, on and off your phone.

Hectic college life demands entertaining breaks and tasty meals to refuel your energy. You’re in luck if you are in Canada. The Gorgeous lakes that are present in Canada more than any other country in the world will help you have a relaxing time. But if you are more of an exploring person, don’t be disappointed. From Toronto’s bay-and-gable houses and the signature outdoor staircases of Montréal’s plexes to minimal modernism in Vancouver and Quebec City’s Scottish-baronial-meets-French-château, Canada holds a fascinating mix of architectural history. Canada cannot possibly disappoint with entertainment, Jim Carrey is from Canada. And if you are hungry, you know what country invented the Hawaiian Pizza? Canada!

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