There are quite a lot of to-dos before you study abroad! From planning where you want to study and what, and getting all your application materials together, there are a lot of things you need to do, and the more systematically you do it, the better for you! We have compiled your to-dos, systematically, that you need to complete for getting to your dream universities, and studying abroad!

  1. Decide what you are studying – First things first, you need to be sure about what you want to study! When you are deciding your study subject, there are various things you need to factor. What do you want to study? Why do you want to study it? What are the career prospects of the subject that you chose after your graduation? Is the subject easy enough for your capability or are you putting too much on your shoulder? Universities abroad usually have specific websites dedicated to each particular subject, which also makes it easier for you to decide which subject you want to pursue!
  2. Make a list of your would-be universities – After you decide your study area, the next thing you would want to do is make a check-list of every university you want to apply to! Usually prospective apply to around 3 to 15 or more universities, depending on how many universities has your subject available, their admission rates, scholarships available, as well as the location. It is also good to keep a few universities as your options so that if you get rejection from one you can get it in another! When you choose your university look out for their ranking, their alumni profile to get a better idea about what it is you are getting into!
  3. Check list for your application documents – Now that you have decided what and where you want to study, you need to make all your application documents ready! If you make a checklist it will be easier for you to ensure that you have everything you need! When applying for universities you will need all your previous transcripts and diploma certificates. So be sure to get them from your previous institutions. You will need specific language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFLS for English speaking institutions, and other language as per the country you are applying too! You will also need a motivation letter, statement of purpose, and recommendation letters!
  4. Application to your universities – Now that you have everything on the ready, apply to your universities. Usually universities have their application portal available at their websites, through which you can easily apply. If you do not feel confident enough to apply on your own, you can also take help from consultancies that are available to help you. Most universities also have application fee that you need to pay. However, most of the universities also have waivers available, so if you feel like you cannot afford the application fee you should also consider emailing the universities you want to apply too!
  5. Visa procedures- Now that you have applied and received your offer letter, you should apply for the visa process! Make sure you have ample time set for applying for the visa and the commencement of your classes!

The easier these to-dos sounds, the more tedious it is to get everything together! But do one thing at a time, take care you have everything ready, and the process of studying abroad will be quite a smooth sailing!

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