Why is Canada the best for Nepalese students?

With an increasing trend in studying abroad, people are having a hard time choosing the country they want to go to. With many factors that are to be put into consideration like affordable tuition, good faculty, class size etc, students are looking for schools of the highest standard. With this in consideration, Canada is currently one of the biggest destinations for students looking for a place and institution that meets all of those standards. Here are a few reasons why Canada should be the primary place of consideration for international students-

  1. Quality Education-

With Canada being the home to few of the world’s most popular academic institutions, the Canadian education system is unparalleled. It has both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, that is known to shape your life and increase your career prospects anywhere in the world. Studying in Canada can also be comparable to that of the United States. With small class sizes and highly qualified faculty members, it is safe to say that one’s educational needs will be fulfilled. Moreover, one can choose the type of educational institution they want to go to, for example, a trade school, a public or a private institution. The institutions also offer many inter-disciplinary courses that allows one to choose from whatever subjects seems best. 

  1. Affordability/scholarships

The overall cost of attendance (tuition, room-board, indirect expenses) to study in Canada is mostly lower compared to that of the United States and Australia. In addition to the initial cost being low in itself, they offer a wide range of scholarships to help students make their education venture more affordable. The scholarship schemes vary according to the institutions, however, most of them are merit-based, awarded on the basis of students’ academic records. There are also various leadership-based scholarships available. The scholarships are available to students pursuing both graduate and undergraduate studies. One can also work to lower the costs as per one’s visa permits. 

  1. Area/Environment

There are numerous famous tourist attractions, beaches, shopping malls, and other recreational facilities in Canada that one can enjoy. Be it on-campus or off-campus, one won’t be in short of things to do in Canada, all while being ensured of very strong campus safety. With security being available 24/7 and surveillance being done in most areas, students can focus on their academics being carefree. 

  1. Diversity

Institutions in Canada welcome students from every nook and corner of the world. Attracted by the education system, and the student lifestyle in general, students are consistently choosing Canada, now even more than ever. If one’s interested in immersing themselves in global culture, befriending and exchanging views with people all around the world, Canada is the no.1 destination for them. 

  1. Post-study work visa

Many international students in Canada prefer working in Canada itself after the completion of their degree. Luckily, Canada has very good post-work visa provisions that allow the students to do so. If the duration of your study program is 2 years or more, you can get a 3-year work permit.  If your study period is less than 2 years, your post-study work period is the same as your study period. To be eligible for a post-study work permit, you must be a full-time student and the duration of your studies must exceed 8 months. One can also look at settlement opportunities in Canada. 

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