Why is Canada a top and favored destination by international students, besides other developed nations?

<strong>Why is Canada a top and favored destination by international students, besides other developed nations?</strong> image

Canada is a nation bursting with opportunity, no matter where you see yourself in the future. Continue reading to know and learn more about this country and education for better future.


Canada has always drawn migrants from all over the world, whether for economic or academic reasons. Many of Canada’s largest cities are melting pots of nationalities, demonstrating that multiculturalism has been a huge success. Immigration and social integration are encouraged by the liberal government.

In Toronto, 50% of the population is ethnically diverse. You’ll fit in here no matter where you come from in the world! Toronto’s diversity is dominated by no single nationality, making it a truly global city. Toronto’s motto is: diversity our strength. Torontonians are its residents.

It’s also handy that its main language is English, meaning everyone can communicate efficiently. However, the city is home to 160 different languages.

Due to TSoM’s handy location, you can find many international restaurants and events right on your doorstep. 

High educational standards

Canada is one of the world’s most educated countries. It is ranked first in the world for residents with a tertiary education. Over half of Canadians have a university education, and the government heavily invests in higher education.

According to a 2017 OECD study, Canadian education is far ahead of western rivals such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.

Due to excellent teaching standards, migrant students perform at the same level as Canadian-born students, according to the study. The educational system in Canada ensures equality for all students, regardless of background.

The Toronto School of Management provides a high-quality academic experience unrivaled in the country.

Ideal job destination

Toronto is home to many of Canada’s largest industries. There are numerous excellent opportunities available, whether you want to work alongside your studies or are considering post-graduate work.

Many Canadian broadcast companies have their headquarters here, as do the headquarters of five major banks. Many fantastic positions can also be found on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Many temporary seasonal jobs are available at festivals, shows, and sporting events.

With a diverse economy, you can find work in a variety of industries or gain relevant and meaningful student work experience ranging from fashion to hospitality.

Good lifestyles

During the day, you can stroll through parks, take a ferry to the Toronto Islands, or visit Kensington Market to find some unique gifts from around the world. Toronto is truly a city of contrasts with much greenery to see among the urban skyscrapers that it’s famous for.

In the evenings, you can unwind by taking in some culture at one of the city’s museums or theaters.

Toronto serves as a transportation hub, offering rail, road, bus, and air services. The city strongly supports cycling to combat climate change, and there are numerous bike lanes throughout the city.

It’s also one of the safest cities in North America, making it the ideal place to work, study, and play.

                                 According to Statistics Canada’s Economic report, the Canadian government has taken steps “to strengthen the integrity of Canada’s immigration program by explicitly requiring study permit holders to actively pursue their studies, reducing the number of non-genuine and low-quality educational institutions that host study permit holders, and facilitating the entry into Canada of those foreign nationals who sincerely wish to obtain a Canadian education.”

Feeling like a home being moved to another nation is only Canada could provide. Because the country itself is diverse with different individual’s which makes you feel you are never away from home. And there are more than many reasons why Canada is the top destination for international students.

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