The overwhelming positives about living and studying in Canada

<strong>The overwhelming positives about living and studying in Canada</strong> image

All Canadians and international students enjoy a high standard of living in Canada. It’s a fantastic place to work and live. In fact, when it comes to quality of life, it ranks first in the world. According to QS World University Rankings, four of the top 100 best student cities in the world. That is exactly what attracts international students!

What factors would you consider when considering studying abroad? Why should you study in Canada? Why do so many students prefer to study in Canada? There are numerous benefits to studying in Canada, ranging from world-class education to a path to permanent residence. If you choose to study in Canada, this should be at the top of your list of options.

Excellent Educational System

One of the primary reasons students choose to study in Canada is the high quality of education. A student’s degree from a Canadian university serves as a symbol of trust and excellence. In the QS World University Rankings 2022, 28 Canadian universities are ranked, while 27 are ranked in the THE World University Rankings 2021.

Numerous Research Possibilities

According to the National Research Council, international students are encouraged to actively participate in research in medicine, biology, and physiology. International students will have numerous opportunities to collaborate with scientists from various fields. One of the most significant benefits of the Canadian educational system is the collaboration between industry and universities to promote greater research and development. This is how international students’ research and development are applied in the real world. Some universities, such as the University of Toronto, are regarded as global leaders in research infrastructure.

Low Course Fees and Living Costs in Canada

International students benefit from studying in Canada because tuition fees are lower than in other countries. It is the primary reason for studying in Canada, as not every student can afford a high course fee. In Canada, the cost of living varies by province. A student may need to spend between 800 and 2000 CAD depending on charges for lodging, entertainment, food, and transportation, among other things.

According to the Institute for Economics and Peace’s 2019 Global Peace Index, Canada is one of the world’s most peaceful countries. It ranks sixth with a score of 1.287. According to Canadian Immigrants, one of the top reasons why immigrants choose Canada over other developed countries is safety. Here are some of the reasons why Canada is a safe country to live in:

Health care system for everybody

Compared to the United States and other developed countries, where most non-locals do not have access to government health insurance, Canada allows its immigrants with residency status to take advantage of the country’s universal healthcare system. You will receive free emergency medical service regardless of where you are in Canada. In comparison to many other countries, Canada’s public healthcare system is superior, and many people prefer it to private health insurance.

Canada is the world’s most welcoming country.

In addition to being a multicultural country, Canada is known for its inclusiveness in other ways. It has strong LGBTQ support and was the fourth country to legalize same-sex marriage. In Canada, men and women have equal rights. Both genders are represented equally in the cabinet (males and females). All fundamental women’s rights, such as the right to vote and access to birth control and abortion, are established and protected. More women are taking on leadership roles, and more than 82% of women aged 24 to 54 work outside the home.

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