We have a huge community in our contact built off mostly by our previously visa granted students, our university/college representative in Canada, and contact networks. They have been our backbone for success and have really great hearts to support the newcomers for the best accommodation assistant in Canada . They will help you in your job search and suggestions for settling in Canada. However, your biggest help in Canada will be Mr. Hari S. Khatri.

After you depart from your home country, your life will be different. As you land in Canada, your journey of so-called- aboard study” begins. The foremost and the preliminary thing of your need once landed in Canada would be Airport Pick-up and then Accommodation (apartment/housing/stay) in Canada. We would not give high hope to our students but we promise to help them in every single possible way. We will assist them on how they can get their airport pick up. Find the room or apartment or homestay, either for just an individual or group or mixing up with our older students who are already there in the college/city.

Normally, the cost of living and food in Canada for international students is approx. 12000 CAD plus per year. It all depends and varies with the city or even with an individual. So it’s our responsibility to guide you with detailed information.

Further, we can provide you with proper accommodation assistant in Canada so you can mix in with the Canadian culture, student lifestyle in Canada, assist in preparing resumes, finding jobs, etc.


Canada Study Visa processing step-by-step guidelines


Academic Advising & Career Counseling


Application for College/University Offer of Admission


Documents Preparation


Visa ApplicationBiometrics -MedicalPP Request


Canada VISA granted !


After-Visa (Travel and InCanada initial settlement assistant)

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