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Then you definitely need proper career counseling to study abroad in Canada for you to decide and plan your educational pathway further. Especially, with abroad study, it is very much essential to know the facts and figures before you plan your destination. We are a team of experts whose expertise and specialty lies in Academic advising and career counseling about Canada, academic programs selection in Canada, academic degrees selection in Canada, selecting the best choice of colleges and universities in Canada. At CAN one of our main mottos is to find the most suitable program for your academic career, the best career option for your future, and the best college or university in Canada to meet those needs of yours.

If you are stranded about which country to try for your higher studies then we can assure you that we have enough information to share with you that will shape your destiny to one and only country-Canada. Obviously, Canada being the greatest nation in terms of politics, economy, lifestyle, education, employment, and immigration policies, it is no doubt a favorable destination for international students from around the world. With its stable government and policies, the effect on the education system is very much notable. The institutions are governed and monitored by the provincial government making the education standard consistent throughout. Such information is definitely to be shared and notified to you, students. This is our greatest value. This is where CAN’s specialty in advising and counseling comes glowing. We know and have experience in what we convey to you. This is the strongest value of CAN. We always try to provide transparency in service towards our students, because today’s world is quite open and we have nothing to hide from you. We focus on providing the genuinee in information and facts about Canada and study visa processing. We can strongly defend our statement because our team members have education from the USA and Canada. They have a living and working experience in the USA and Canada for a number of years. Such experiences do speak about our values and professionalism. On top of that, they have direct experience in abroad study counseling, visa guidance, and documentation for study in Canada.

To know more, you can visit us in location or email us or chat with us or talk to us. Believe it!! There is a lot more information to be known than this.

Academic/career counseling and abroad study planning is not an easy thing. One small mistake can lead you to ur waste valuable time, money, effort and affect your entire career.

So judge yourself and the service provider, then decide if your demands and requirements will be fulfilled.

Apply to Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Apply to Seneca College in Toronto, Canada.

Apply to Sault college in 443 Northern Ave E, Sault Ste. Marie, Canada.


Our experience from past visa success has sharpened our vicinity and understanding towards making the absolute error-free and strategic documents that will ensure your Canada visa documentation success rate to the highest level.

Since there is no interview to face for a Canada visa application, Documents play a vital role in your visa success. Authentic supporting documents with flawless error will influence greatest to the visa officer.

Our specialty lies in such a role.

We can make it happen if you allow us, to make every single possibility a reality in terms of visa documents.

The Canadian high commission is very highly focused on your financial documents: income sources and bank balances.

We don’t compromise in preparing the best documents you could expect.

Every individual’s application differs from one another only through such varied documentation. We have experience as well as knowledge to do so.

Talk to us for Canada visa documentation,  tet us prepare those documents that will shape your future!!!


Once you hand in your document to us, then it’s our responsibility to take you to the visa application and succeed. So please allow us to serve you in every possible way to get success for your Canada Visa services.

We have the experience and knowledge to complete your Canada visa applications for:

  1. Study purpose: study visa
  2. Visit visas.

III. Open work permit visas or Dependent/spousal visas.

For every visa for any country, the basic selection is based on mainly 4 things and we are committed to preparing those documents in a precise manner for you. Mainly those are:

  1. Your Purpose of visiting Canada (visit or study or dependent)
  2. Your financial status to support that visit.
  3. Your Relationship ties in back home-family, property, business, assets, etc.
  4. Your Past Travel history.

We know what an embassy wants if your purpose is to Visit or Study or Accompany your spouse.

The Canada Visa services followed by proper documentation is done through CAN.


When it comes to studying in Canada, IELTS/PTE Preparation is a must. Alternatively, you could do PTE or TOEFL. And yes, we do help you get prepared for IELTS: offer classes & book you for the test.

Welcome to CAN-IELTS institute.

CAN have been running a number of IELTS/PTE classes in several groups/time slots every day. We have had great success in running successfully a full load of IELTS classes at our own institute located in our same office building. Our CAN-IELTS institute emphasize in small size classroom and experienced instructor. Our main mission, vision, motto, and goal with our IELTS preparation class are simply to make our students capable of scoring the IELTS score required for college/university admission in Canada. There is nothing important than our student satisfaction in terms of our IELTS classes. This gest is verified regularly with our student’s and instructors’ meetings and feedbacks. We have instructors who are highly qualified for language preparation to bring your best output results. Some of our instructors have more than 20 years of language teaching experience, some have a 6.5 band scorer tagline. You will not need to worry about our instructor’s ability to sharpen your skill to score min 6 in each band. We also have our in-house team members who have been residing or have had spent decades abroad who can assist you on a personal level for your language preparation needs.

Remember CAN-IELTS institute for your IELTS/PTE Preparation class for Canada.


Your abroad study in Canada proceeds in a number of different stages. From getting your offer letter from a Canadian university or college then paying tuition, then preparing documentation for a Canada study visa,  visa application, and all these falls under Canada Study Visa Guidelines. We have Canadian and the US graduated counselors who can guide you through the study permit process in a very simple and easy way. Having knowledge of abroad lifestyle for more than t 10 years, it is handy to get in-depth information about international culture and study environment through them.

There are certain limitations and criteria you need to meet once you have the permit and are enrolled in Canadian institutions; Like Attaining full-time classes, try not to take semester breaks, maintaining academic grades, etc.

In Canada, the entry student visa is followed by the study permit granted by the Canadian Border Service Agents/immigration officer at the port of entry. For one to stay in good student status, and proper steps of Canada study visa guidelines need to be met. An international student with descent academic records will be very much benefited down the run for various opportunities in Canada. A student on a study visa in Canada is considered as the most potential immigrant by the immigration Canada. The government wants to keep the students with job opportunities, career, work permits, and finally permanent residency opportunities.

Hence, it’s a great way to immigrate to Canada in a temporary immigration status so as to get a permanent resident in the future.

Study in Canada from Putalisadak, Kathmandu.

Find out about Documents required for Canada study visa from Nepal.

Find out about Canada study visa processing time.

How is Canada for Nepali Student now.

How is visa success rate for Canada ,2023, 2024.

Is Canada tough for Nepali students?


During a number of years of success in abroad study programs, we have a number of success stories to share with you about the graduates and successful students who were able to achieve their academic goals in Canada and are able to grab that Canadian dream of better employment, career opportunities, and permanent residency opportunities, and here we have presented the Canadian Graduate Guidelines from all those experiences. We encourage every applicant to dream as such because we assure to bring it to your reality.

Unlike other great nations around the world, Canadian degrees and graduation are considered very differently. The degree itself has a very high remark and reputation. Throughout Canada, your degree will be very well recognized. You will never have to go beyond the boundary of Canada to figure out the value of your Canadian degree because it will be fully evaluated and you will be granted great opportunities within the homeland-Canada.

Mr. Hari S Khatri, being a Laurentian University graduate, American Degree holder will be available through Facebook and Viber to assist students 24/7 with any of your concerns related to academics advising, counseling, college/program selections, offer letters, documentation, visa preparations, Canadian Graduate Guidelines and many more.


We have a huge community in our contact built off mostly by our previously visa granted students, our university/college representative in Canada, and contact networks. They have been our backbone for success and have really great hearts to support the newcomers for the best accommodation assistant in Canada . They will help you in your job search and suggestions for settling in Canada. However, your biggest help in Canada will be Mr. Hari S. Khatri.

After you depart from your home country, your life will be different. As you land in Canada, your journey of so-called- aboard study” begins. The foremost and the preliminary thing of your need once landed in Canada would be Airport Pick-up and then Accommodation (apartment/housing/stay) in Canada. We would not give high hope to our students but we promise to help them in every single possible way. We will assist them on how they can get their airport pick up. Find the room or apartment or homestay, either for just an individual or group or mixing up with our older students who are already there in the college/city.

Normally, the cost of living and food in Canada for international students is approx. 12000 CAD plus per year. It all depends and varies with the city or even with an individual. So it’s our responsibility to guide you with detailed information.

Further, we can provide you with proper accommodation assistant in Canada so you can mix in with the Canadian culture, student lifestyle in Canada, assist in preparing resumes, finding jobs, etc.


Your abroad study journey does not end with visa approval in Nepal. Let’s put it this way, the real journey of your career/life begins from that point onwards. There is a number of things you should be aware of and be prepared for after you have your Canada visa approved. Along with some questions to be answered by you on the port of entry, i.e your first entry point to Canada, what are the after visa guidelines for Canada, and others.


Which college or program you coming for?

Why did you choose this college?

Who is supporting your education?

How you will be covering your expenses in Canada?

Are you going to work in Canada?

What are you planning to do after study?


Our after visa guidelines for Canada guideline to each and every visa-approved student will elaborate in detail about this information. Along with what you should do and should not do, what you should bring and should not bring etc.

Note: your admissibility to Canada does not guarantee by the visa you have received. You will face the immigration officer or CBSA officer at the port of entry to Canada and need to justify or satisfy him regarding your actual purpose of visit to Canada. If not justified or unable to do so, they have a right to send you back. So to avoid such complications, we strongly suggest students/parents seek our expert advice.

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