Are you confused about your decision to study in Canada? Know how easy it is for visa grants, the best courses offered, fees and scholarships, and work permits to help you.

Canada is a popular hub for study for international students. It is because it welcomes numbers of students every year from various quality universities. Canada admits around 6,42,000 students every year. That is why it is ranked as the 3rd country to offer seats to international students globally after USA and Australia. University there welcomes students for undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD levels every year. 

Which courses are best for studying in Canada? 

  1. MBA 
  2. Computer Science and Information Technology 
  3. Business and Finance 
  4. Core Engineering and Engineering Management 
  5. Physical and Earth Science and Renewable Energy 

These courses in Canada are the best. Canada offers the best jobs in these fields as they are rapidly growing sectors around the globe.

Besides these fields, if you desire to study other subjects you are still welcome because universities here offer good value for every sector.

Fees and Scholarships

Universities in Canada offer scholarships to an international student. The government provides scholarships for any level. Some research institutions provide scholarships for post-graduation levels also. Education in Canada is cheaper compared to other developed nations, yet, it maintains the same academic standards. With the mix of tuition rates and living rates, students can choose what entails as affordable to them.

Why is it advantageous to study in Canada besides another part of the World?

The advantages of studying in Canada are many it has a vibrant campus lifestyle and is dynamic. They provide students with an opportunity to grow, get involved in co-curricular activities, and make connections with people for self-development. The vibrant campus lifestyle of Canada is amazing for every student to have fun and refreshment while studying. Another benefit of studying here is the ability to have a good quality of life, live in a naturally beautiful place, have many areas to roam around, live in a diverse community, have good employment opportunities and also have good research access. Canada has a number of research laboratories, firms, universities and hospitals in collaboration for research work.

How long will you be allowed to work in Canada while studying? 

Another benefit of studying in Canada is the opportunity to work during and after your program. You may work up to 20 hours a week during your course. And, on breaks or scheduled holidays, you may work up to 40 hours a week. But make sure to check the conditions of your work permit. If you don’t have a work permit, you can still work inside the university. After you have it, you are free to work anywhere you would like to.

What after you graduate?

You can work in Canada after you graduate. Your minimum work time can be equal to the time you have studied, which can be for three or four years. If you want to stay there as a resident, you can apply for that. But make sure to look at the process you need to follow and job types as per your program.

Now that you know how easy it is to get in Canada and how your life will change for the better I’m sure you will take no second to apply. There is a high chance your visa will be accepted, there are many scholarship opportunities for different levels, you will have a quality education, learn in a good environment, have an abundance of learning resources, and have good employment opportunities before and after your program and have sufficient working hours to earn for yourself. We can say, you are taking a smart decision if you are planning to study in Canada.

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