By the rate of many visa rejections for Australia, You may be worried if your visa also might get rejected. But you don’t need to worry because if one door closes another opens and Can Consulting Services will always be ready to help you achieve your dream of studying abroad. You can always consult with us, our professionals will give you the best advice you need to apply for your next Visa process. 

It is the best idea to start looking for an alternative solution to apply before it’s too late and Canada is the best solution for it because Canada is one of the top destinations to study for your further studies. Unlike Australia, Canada has higher chances of approving your visa request and on top of that Universities in Canada are of the higher standard in an affordable price range. 

Canada can offer you the best options in a wide scope of range. In whatever field you might want to study, Canada has the alternative for you. Some of the reasons for picking Canada as your destination are below:-

Easy to apply for a visa:

One of the essential explanations behind picking Canada to study abroad is the easy visa procedure. English is the authoritative language of Canada. The visa cycle and rules in Canada are simple and clear. Australia, in the examination, has a complicated and somewhat long cycle for understudy visas. Also, contrasted with Australia, the application cost for Canada is undeniably more reasonable.

They encourage students to stay longer in Canada: 

One of the main reasons behind Canada’s notoriety among Nepalese students over Australia is the huge assortment of student visas it gives, including the C-Visas and F-visas. Whenever they have completed their examinations, these visas empower students to remain in Canada longer and get permission to work. 

The facility of CEC: 

Canadian Experience Class is also known as CEC provides an opportunity for candidates who have been working in Canada and want to become permanent residents. The CEC is an excellent option for international students as well as for people who have been working there full time and have gone to Canada seeking a job. The CEC looks for candidates who have completed their studies at a Canadian university and encourages them to stay there in order to get job experience and further support the economy of Canada.  

The environment that feels like home: 

Canada has a portion of the world’s most stunning landscape, including snow-covered mountains and immense prairies, very much like Nepal. The country flaunts areas of strength for custom and a rich social past, which add to its appeal. These lovely environmental elements cause it to seem like home for Nepalese students.

Quality of life is one of the highest in the world: 

Canada has been on the #1 in the World’s Highest Quality of life list for 5 consecutive years. Canada has also been named one of the safest countries to live in according to the Global Peace Index. 

In conclusion:

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed by the rigorous process of applying for the visa. But you don’t need to worry because Can Consulting services is one of the best consultancies in Nepal for Canada. We will do most of your work and you can be at peace because you will be in safe hands with us. 

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