Factors that Influence Students Career Choice: 7 Ps of Career Selection!

Factors that Influence Students Career Choice: 7 Ps of Career Selection! image

A student’s life includes a crucial period called career selection. It affects a variety of choices that they make regarding their careers. The career one chooses to pursue influences the subjects, universities, institutions, businesses, and job profiles one picks.

Even after receiving their diplomas, it is now rather common to meet students who are unsure of their chosen route. They don’t seem to be certain of the degrees they hold since they don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do with them.

For Students, Choosing the Right Career is So Important

The choice of the best university or college no longer marks the conclusion of career planning, which was once a one-time event. It continues until we find the ideal position and a fulfilling work profile.

One often chooses a stream based on their prior greatest achievement after finishing their education. Students that receive 90 percentiles in science desire to be engineers or doctors, and the same is true for commerce and all other subjects. More often than not, it turns out to be a hasty or poor decision. The criteria by which we assess our career decision are still unjustified.

Students who have exam anxiety and underperform on the classroom exams are eliminated from the race. They are viewed as a pupil who doesn’t perform well or who is below average. Similar to this, only a select few people are able to excel through rote learning. Some rely on their families to make the proper decision, while others decide to go with the flow. Self-interest is not clearly defined. This is the first error that could take them down the wrong road.

Make your choice wisely!

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