The Canadian Education System is known for its unique approach towards study programs. Canadian Universities offer Bachelors and Masters degrees like any other countries in the world. However, they also have their own version of higher level studies known as Diploma programs. These Diploma programs are designed with a practical approach for what students want to do in their Career.

How is a Diploma program different from your regular Bachelor’s degree?

Diploma Programs are offered by the universities in partnership with institutions and organisations that hire students as their Interns and Employees. The diploma programs are very job specific i.e. you will only be studying and getting experienced with what you actually have to do in your work space after graduation. For example, a web designing student will be studying all aspects of the relevant field. They also get to utilise their study hours working in a firm (often in partnership with their University) as a paid intern.

Students that choose to do their diplomas have an option to choose a time frame too. A few universities offer one year diploma courses, whereas most opt to take the two year course that helps them get perfectly acquainted with all the necessary things that they need to learn. The courses are often streamlined as compared to a 4 year university course, enabling the students to learn exactly only what they need to, without having to study all general subjects.

Both these one and two year diploma holders are very high-skilled and  are very sought after by very big employers.

If the students wish to study further, they can take the 3rd year diploma course as well, known as Advanced Diploma which will enable them to go further into detailed study of the subject of their interest.

Why is it better for your career?

Job market is a very competitive place where students often struggle getting jobs because of the excess qualifications and experience required by the employing organisations.  However,  In the diploma programs the students will have worked as interns and employees under companies that are partnered with universities. The students may be able to continue their jobs in the same firms themselves. Or if the students choose work abroad or return to their countries, the organisations in the respective places will still prioritise the diploma graduates as they have the required qualifications and more job experiences in the relevant career field.

Note: Students can continue their studies with a Postgraduate degree/Master’s program after the Diploma program. Just like after your Bachelor’s degree.

Diploma courses are very sought after in Canada because it helps students get the required knowledge and skills they need to compete in the job market within a relatively short period of time. It helps one specialise in a certain concentration form the beginning of the classes unlike with 4-year university courses. A few colleges and universities that offer diploma courses in Canada are Seneca College, Carleton University, University of Winnipeg, University of Windsor, University of Prince Edward Island, Mount Saint Vincent University etc.

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