Canada is one of the most sought-after study destinations for international students across the globe. For those looking to apply to study in Canada, it is fair to say that the next few months will be both important and stressful. The application process can be very long and tedious, as one has to do long research, find out what place or college is the best fit. organise all the documents necessary, prepare financial data etc. This process is the most crucial part of your way into a top university, so if one doesn’t have proper guidance from consultants or even while self-applying, it can be very troubling.

One needs to be very organised regarding the application process. A checklist of the to-do things can be done in order to facilitate it. To help students be well acquainted with the process so that they can be as efficient as they can, here’s a list of things one needs to do to apply to Canada-

  1.  Choose a college/university- It goes without saying, however, first and foremost one must choose the college that best fits their interests. It could be a liberal arts school, or a school more focused on STEM studies. Colleges could also differ according to various other factors like private and public, and according to finances too. So, one must take multiple factors into consideration while choosing their college. Few of the famous colleges are- Seneca College, University of Toronto, Guelph University, University of Waterloo etc.
  2. Fill up the application form: After one has short-listed the names of colleges they like,  they must fill the application form of the college of their choice with the most accurate data. Colleges ask for basic information like name, date of birth and details regarding one’s high school academics. The form also asks for information regarding what major one might want to choose. The application form must be filled with very careful attention.
  3. Write an SOP- A statement of purpose is a 1000+ word long essay that Canadian institutions require as a part of the application process. Here, applicants are required to write about their academic experiences and ambitions, as well as anything including but not limited to extra-curricular that might reflect well on their personality. It can also be portrayed as a motivation letter where you write the reasons for you to choose a certain major and university.
  4. Prepare all the necessary documents- The documents may include things like your academic transcripts, a CV, Letters of recommendation from your educators or employers etc. These are official academic documentation that is required for you to get into a university.
  5. Proof of English proficiency- Students whose first language isn’t English are required to submit proof o English proficiency. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE are few of the popular tests that students give in order to go abroad.
  6. Financial documents- Finally, one needs proper financial documents stating that they can fully fund their academics in Canada. It must cover all the academic costs, living and personal expenses that one must require for a year in the course of their academic.
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