A constructive path will always result in a better tomorrow. Therefore, Canada might be the best country with the best options for choosing education and a secure future?

<strong>A constructive path will always result in a better tomorrow. Therefore, Canada might be the best country with the best options for choosing education and a secure future?</strong> image

No matter where you picture yourself in the future, Canada is a country brimming with possibility. Continue reading to get some useful facts about this country.


Whether they are coming to Canada for intellectual or economic reasons, immigrants from all over the world have always been drawn to this country. The fact that many of its main cities are vibrant melting pots of many nationalities demonstrates how successful multiculturalism has been in Canada. Immigration and social integration are encouraged by the liberal government.

In Toronto, 50% of the population is from an ethnic minority. You will feel at home here no matter where you are from around the globe! Toronto’s variety is not dominated by any one nation, making it a truly international city. Our strength in diversity is Toronto’s motto. Torontonians are the city’s inhabitants.

It’s also convenient that everyone can converse well because English is the primary language there. There are 160 additional languages spoken in the city, though.

You may find a variety of international eateries and activities right outside your door thanks to TSoM’s convenient location. 

High standards in education

One of the most educated countries in the world is Canada. For citizens who have completed a four-year college degree, it is ranked first worldwide. The government makes significant investments in higher education, and more than half of Canadians have a university degree.

According to an OECD report from 2017, Canada’s educational system is significantly superior than that of its counterparts in the west, including the US, UK, and France.

Due to high teaching standards, the study also demonstrated that immigrant pupils perform at a level equal to that of students who were born in Canada. Egality for all students in Canada’s educational system is guaranteed, regardless of their backgrounds.

A countrywide high caliber academic experience is provided by the Toronto School of Management.

The best place to work

Toronto is home to a significant number of Canada’s top industries. There are many excellent opportunities, whether you want to work while you study or are considering post-graduate job.

Here you will find the head offices of five major banks as well as the headquarters of numerous Canadian broadcasting firms. There are several outstanding positions on the Toronto Stock Exchange as well.

At festivals, performances, and sporting events, there are several seasonal temporary jobs.

With a highly diverse economy, you can find work in a variety of industries that fit you or get valuable and relevant student work experience in industries like fashion and hospitality.

So… How Safe Is Canada Really?

Canada is extremely safe.

Given that Canada’s crime rate is quite low, even in its major cities, visitors can travel there without worrying about their safety.

Almost no violent crime occurs, and when it does, it typically involves a specific neighbourhood and rarely takes the form of a random attack.

The issue of drug-related crimes that take the form of street fights between gangs is another one related to crime in Canada, but these also occur seldom and in specific locations.

Generally speaking, Canada has lower crime rates than the United States and a significant portion of the rest of the world.

Mass shootings are a problem that plagues the entire continent of North America.

The same is true of Canada.

However, the only reason these shootings are well known and covered by the media is because they are so uncommon. Recently, there have been a number of high-profile shootings in public or tourist areas, such as the shootings that occurred in June 2012 at Toronto’s Eaton’s Centre and the HUB Mall in Edmonton.

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